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Corporate Team Building & Private Events

Embracing opportunities to learn something new is an important habit to keep your spirit curious and your brain sharp throughout life. We created our team building services with one goal in mind: giving busy professionals from all industries the time and space to learn, evolve and network. Our events are geared toward team building and fun. We try to adjust our curriculum to the needs of each and every group.  Each of these services can be booked and customized for private parties.

Take a look below for more details. Contact us to book a team building program today.  We are happy to answer any questions on how these programs can be adjusted to your team's needs and current issues.  We offer competitive pricing depending upon the number of participants and length of program. 

Team-building focused services

animal Totem Archetypes

Animal totems can be used to bridge team divisions. They are a fun and insightful way to learn what team members view as their strengths and how others view the strengths of there fellow team members.

Mind and Movement

Need to think fast on your feet? This program works through movement and murmuration exercises to work together as a single unit in playful, joyous and creative scenarios

in your shoes


This program shifts the team into different states of understanding to elevate the emotional interactions of the team.  These exercises will calibrate your team to achieve beyond what is possible.

fun-focused team events


Oracle parties are a fun way to break ice and get to know participants.  A facilitator will teach the party how to work with the cards and to get a new perspective on a life situation.

nutrition and Energy

Customize your diet energetically through energy testing your food and supplements. We demonstrate a number of techniques to discover what foods are resonating with your field.  It is a fun time rethinking what you thought you knew was working for you.

Past Life Talents

This is a group past life regression.  Through deep meditation we take you to find a talent, skill or ability that can be used, harnessed and incorporated into your current situation

high Vibe

This program is a filled with laughter.  Using improve storytelling techniques your team will be doubling over.  Laughter will raise the vibration allowing for powerful manifestations exercises.

Pendulum forecasting

Pendulums and dowsing are energy technique that can be used for fun and forecasting.  Learning this can be a fun way to learn about each other and "ask the universe" for advice.

Moisturizing food

This is a food and beauty party. Let's gather in the kitchen to use cooking techniques that turn food into skin moisturizers that will make your skin glow and look younger.  It will truly be a natural product.

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Interested in booking? Get in touch to learn more about scheduling and pricing.

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