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meet the founder

leslie bennett

president and founder

Leslie is creating a world where we focus on both our nonphysical (thoughts, feelings, essence, energy field, etc.) and physical fitness and calling it quantum wellness.  Her dream is to build a 21st century modern soul gym integrating science, technology and spirituality to expand our nonphysical selves and to inspire the quantum healing movement.


her story

Through an unexpected tragedy, Leslie become a widow.  She wanted to supplement her traditional grief therapy and had trouble finding alternative healing practitioners and was required to travel to soothe the soul at retreats.  She wanted something convenient and closer to home; asking herself why there was not a gym for the soul.  A place that is not a spa, or wellness center but a place she could go without an appointment and work out those nonphysical aspects of herself.  While healing herself from the loss, she pondered the question and invented and created souljym™, a gym for the soul.  


Throughout her entire career in law and in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs she was a compassionate leader and mentor.  She inspired teams to make the impossible possible by forging solutions into action. Her strategies helped shorten timelines and uncover undiscovered company savings.  She is taking that energy to join forces with those working to make the mystical mainstream by creating opportunity within metaphysical wellness industry. 

With the change in our normal lives stalling her souljym dream, she developed™.  Soulshape connects people with healing practitioners in a convenient dedicated marketplace.  She loves connecting people to tools and information on their nonphysical wellness journey.

As you start to walk on the way,
the way appears.



her vivid vision for 2023

Inspired by Cameron Herold's book, Vivid Vision, a Vivid Vision brings the future into the present, so we can have clarity on what we are building now. It is a detailed overview of what my business will look like, feel like and act like three years out.  This is my Vivid Vision for 2023


I am excited to share with you my vision of Souljym Corporation in September 2024 – 3 years from now.  As I am gearing up for phenomenal growth and momentum, please accept this shared conception as an invitation to join me in realizing my vision.  I look forward to hearing joyful stories of your collaboration in our growth and expansion. 

It’s September 1, 2024 and the world has evolved due to Souljym’s developments over the past 3 years.  We create spaces that empower people to freely live and breathe in everything they are.  Through our work, the road is paved for everyday miracles.  We never tire of hearing “you are not going to believe this….”  Our quantum wellness movement is thriving, opening minds to new possibilities.

here's how
vivid vision 2023

core values

think limitlessly

The freedom of possibilities and synchronicities comes to us through fearless decision-making.  We operate at the forefront of opportunity and proceed unhindered by stumbling blocks.  We aren’t afraid to challenge our knowledge in the name of further growth.

lead with the heart

Our wholehearted approach allows us to decipher what is not serving us or our community.  We take pride in going above and beyond to fulfill our purpose of service grounded in love.  Our devotion and concern for others manifests through the time we set aside to give back to our community.

allow wisdom & growth

We stimulate wisdom through conscious listening.  By leaning into the discomfort of the unknown, we prioritize our perpetual curiosity.  Our passion is fueled through the consistent expansion of our existing knowledge.  Every situation offers a new opportunity to grow.

aligned movement

We strive for positive momentum over scattered action.  We ensure that our goals are both aligned and well communicated before we act.  When new opportunities arise, we check in with our heart before our head to guarantee alignment with our purpose.

communicate with integrity

Our actions are guided by integrity and free from judgment.  We communicate and build relationships from a place of honesty, transparency, and compassion while always honoring our truth.  Our priority is to treat everyone with respect and compassion.

together we thrive

Our relationships are far more valuable than commerce.  We know that then we work collectively, we all benefit.  Through the creation of a light warrior ecosystem, we honor unique abilities to create bountiful energy exchanges where everybody thrives.

our tribe and culture

Casual Meeting
Open Space Office

We attract heart-centered light warriors who excel in their roles, believe in the culture and concept, and have found their dream job working at Souljym.  Our needs are met through the intersection of the ideal skilled worker showing up at exactly the right time.  Through this process, we have built a phenomenal team that gets the job done through intuitive action.  Our team operates with boundless energy, fueled by our inspiring customer stories.  As Souljym expands, we prioritize our own individual growth.  The new offices we built facilitate our development, productivity, and team communication.  Our workspace is energized with harmony, fun, abundance, and joy.  We have cultivated healthy working relationships to help each other succeed, regardless of job title.  Each and every member plays a key role in our overall success as a family and a business.  We all work together as a well-oiled machine to solve any challenges that arise with ease and clarity.  We love to celebrate our successes with enthusiasm.

we are a movement first, brand second

When people think of Souljym, they are filled with the energizing sensation of being limitless.  Our tribe knows they are free to be themselves without fear.  With open minds, they feel safe to adventure at their own pace.  They are overwhelmed with gratitude for finding their place in a family of heartfelt connections.  We collectively feel a sense of home and belonging.  Our cultivation of compassion, kindness and joy set us apart as a quantum wellness leader.  So much more than a brand, we are a vital movement.

Our attitude of “when you succeed, we all succeed” brings an abundance of collaboration opportunities with businesses that share our quantum wellness vision, values, and passion.  We rejoice at the prosperity of our business-to-business partnerships, which consistently harvest unforeseen windfalls.

Souljym assets-07.png
Souljym assets-01.png
Souljym assets-10.png

the foundation of our work

Our brand thrives on forming connections.  We connect people to their inner selves, fostering comfort in their own skin and inspiration to live joyfully without fear.  We connect clients with alternative, holistic, metaphysical, subtle energy, mystical, and biofield businesses; in doing so, we bolster the industry, aid in the growth of small businesses, and assist individuals seeking a quantum wellness services – a triple-win proposition.  We connect seekers to new modalities, opening doors to finally getting answers when all other avenues have failed.  Through these connections we build a foundation of trust that affords people the comfort to go within and do the work.  Our clients rely on our guidance to illuminate further connections.  Coupling the latest knowledge in quantum science with ancient wisdom, we help explain the unexplainable.

soulshape launch success

Soulshape experienced a fairy-tale launch that blew expectations out of the water.  The call for listings and bookings has been meteoric.  The team, the demand, and the brand came together with perfect synergy.  With the right people showing up at the right time, the project clicked into place seamlessly.  

Post-launch, customers relish the ease of finding and booking services and experiences using Soulshape.  They are amazed at all the different modalities found in a single marketplace.  After a top-notch initial booking experience, they are often eager to make multiple bookings and share their enthusiasm for the service with their friends. 

Soulshape attracts heart-centered, integrous, and talented businesses to list their services, experiences, and products.  Their association with Soulshape has led to exponential business growth, year after year.  Through Souljym, these businesses have found a space to celebrate their successes, share common practices, swap heal the healer sessions, and coach through obstacles.  They have found a true business champion and partner in us, fostering unprecedented brand loyalty to Souljym.  We believe that when we work together, there is abundance for all.


souljym opens


At least one Souljym location has celebrated a grand opening.  As the demand for quantum wellness grows, Souljym rises to the occasion by offering a variety of spiritual fitness facilities.  Our model is scaled to fit the needs of each location, community, and use case.  Souljym is a full-scale soul gym, boutique, or metaphysical rehab center that focuses on nonphysical wellness.  We are just beginning to scale, having received many invites to become part of different wellness projects or communities.

When visitors enter a Souljym facility, their mood instantly shifts, as a feeling of ease and unexplained happiness washes over them.  The design is so inviting and inspiring that visitors find they don’t want to leave.  Guests appreciate the care put into every detail and are enticed to join by the incredible integration of science, technology, and spirituality.  The overwhelming feeling of safety inspires a willingness to try something new.  After doing so, guests come away feeling grateful for the opportunity to branch out and have an impactful experience.


Souljym services and offerings are accessed at a comfortable capacity.  The robustness of the schedule within each zone fosters excitement and enthusiasm.  As such, the demand to become a member and utilize a Souljym facility is ever-increasing.  When a guest leaves, they are already looking forward to their next visit.

media & awards

We have forged a new spiritual fitness industry path, creating growth and opportunity.  Souljym is consistently recognized for its innovation in concept and design, modernizing the way we look after our nonphysical health and wellness. 

We have been named the fastest growing marketplace, garnering awards for Jymbag and its platform host.  Our assistance in the prosperity of a variety of solo and small businesses, many of whom are female-owned, has garnered wide recognition.  Due to our success, we are named an upcoming company to watch and may even be found on Inc. 5000’s list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies.  We have already been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Inc., just to name a few.


Coordinators of many big business and global wellness events invite us to speak about our unique growth, culture, and concept.  Following that trend, we are a featured guest on an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  We are even in the midst of development discussions for a Souljym show on a network about building a spiritual company designed to inspire and give hope to those looking to enter this field.


founder feeling


I light up when I think about experiencing boundless possibilities, joyful synchronicities, and the feeling of being limitless. 

Every day brings new lessons on my spiritual journey while building this movement.  I am Souljym’s inaugural member, continually working my soul into shape and managing my energy field.  I am a student, teacher, mentor, and healer.  It is important to make time to learn and expand my knowledge because it fuels my soul and my passion.

I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories, some of which are absolutely gut-wrenching.  Their strength and fortitude inspire me.  I use their stories as a roadmap to conceive of how Souljym can spark and support their soul journeys. 

I wake up every morning feeling lucky that I get to create in the world of the unknown.  I relish the freedom to venture into science, technology, and spirituality to find hidden gems and deeper understanding.  Learning to trust the experience of delving into the unexplainable is a joyful part of my practice.

Thank you for accepting the invitation to join me on this incredible, divine, expansive, and sometimes crazy journey. 

We have only just begun!

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