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This is a rendering of Souljym the first quantum wellness and spiritual fitness gym

Our Vision

Souljym™ is the first quantum wellness gym. Quantum wellness begins with maintaining the well-being of your consciousness.  Our consciousness, (nonphysical aspects of our selves) exists as radiant energy in the center of our biofield.  Your thoughts, feelings, and self-beliefs can be worked on through meditation, movement, cooking, workshops and in personalized metaphysical sessions.  

​Imagine a new workout regimen that starts from within you to reach beyond mental blocks, physical limitations, emotional trauma, or addressing issues with lack or fear in your life.  The variety of Souljym offerings are designed to maximize development, expansion, and nourishment of the soul.  It's time to feel empowered and to live and breathe you.  

We hold in-person events at facilities around the country you can book us here.  We've held booked and pop-up events in California and were in North Carolina when we launched Soulshape™. Take a look at our model when we plan to open a facility of our own in 2023.

Souljym assets-07.png
Take a look at what we have planned

Programs we will offer

mind and body movement
energy sessions 
inner work workshops
food as medicine
Welcome to souljym a metaphysical and holistic spiritual fitness gym.  Souljym is to maintain your biofield and quantum wellness
Some of the metaphysical equipment that may be available at Souljym.  This equipment includes crystal beds, harmonic eggs and salt booth

 Try new Equipment

crystal light beds
salt booths
rasha chairs
harmonic eggs
monochord chair/tables
sound loungers

Meditations to experience

frequency of color and light
vibration of sound and tone
harnessing crystal resonance
brain waves measurement
the power of opening your heart
Enjoy a compete array of meditative experiences at Souljym
The movement studio at Souljym is focused on the mind heart and body connection

 Some of the unique Classes

soul drumming
audiopharmacology qigong
spirit animal yoga
shamanic dance
floating hammock meditation




expand the heart

Focus on your heart while laying in a crystal bed, sitting in a monochord chair, enjoying a laughing meditation, getting an oracle card reading or pounding on a shamanic drum

heal the body

You body can experience healing while working on your biofield health through meditation, 1:1 energy healing session, find resonance in an harmonic egg experience and relieve from pain after sitting in a pulsed electromagnetic chair

open the mind

Your mind will open while experiencing how science and spirituality are converging in a Rasha chair session and looking at your brainwaves change during mediation

fuel the soul

Go deeper with mystical experiences that you will have trouble explaining to your friends.  Your soul will be nurtured   in self-love and self-worth in a spiritual direction course and feel the growth of forgiveness from doing the work a constellations workshop

Souljym assets-07.png

we are eager to open!

Keep up on our progress

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