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introducing souljym!


You’ve been feeling it too, right? That feeling of being disconnected from our inner selves but stuck in the routine of our daily lives.  Yet there is a calling to search for more, but more of what?  Happiness? Peace? Love? Joy? Balance? Worthiness? Abundance? Health?  The list could go on.  You question yourself and ask why.  Why can’t I feel more of these things or experience more of these things?  You conclude that there must be something wrong with you.  When the answer is you are awakening to who you are at a soul level.

We are part of a group of people seeking answers. We are spending more on global wellness tourism, fitness memberships and spa treatments, now a trillion-dollar industry. More of us believe and use complementary and alternative medicine, with Americans spending $30.2 billion out-of-pocket on complementary health approaches. We are evolving our language to include wellness and integrative medicine lexicons. We are demanding programs that focus less on the body and more on the mind and spirit connection. We are gaining an understanding that healing the self is accomplished first through internal emotional transformation, not by more reps on a weight machine. We are spending more, evolving our thoughts and making emotional transformations because we want that connection to who we are.


We have often heard the phrase if we look good we feel good.  Many of us have been shamed by our looks compounding our lack of feeling good.  We have spent hard earned to dollars to chase looking good in order to get that “feel good” feeling.  There are moments where we achieve both, but it can be fleeting or requires a lot of time and work.  What if the phrase is backwards?  We need to feel good to look good.  Most of us have had the experience where we felt good and someone commented that you look good when you didn’t think you looked all that great.  What if there was a place that focuses on how to feel good?

Souljym focuses on feeling good by getting into soul shape.  We want to rewrite the look good feel good phrase to when we feel good we radiate.  We want to see you shine. 


We are creating a business that makes people feel good with themselves, so they can radiate to the world. This concept is based on the big box gym but for focused on the inward journey without having to escape to a wellness retreat. The gym is designed to house five (5) main activity areas:  meditation, movement, healing (alternative and complimentary practitioners), nurture (classwork) and nourish (cooking school).  In addition, we will include scientific information to aid in expanding thought and depth of experience.

You will be hearing more about these centers as we prepare to open our first facility.  We are a start-up with a target to have the first gym open in late 2021 in San Diego, CA. If you would like to watch our progress, stay tuned here or sign up for notifications and events. Also, we hope you’ll join us on our Facebook community page as well.

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