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Souljym Workshops

Our workshops focus on energetic self-care and spiritual fitness.  Our intention is to empower you to create your own wellness journey that incorporates the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes.  Take a holistic wholeness view creates energetic balance and harmony which leads to whole health. 

Take a leap to dive deep into yourself through self-inquiry and self-reflection.  Regardless of where you are on your journey, the workshops provide tools you can use to craft your energetic wellness plan.  

New Workshops



An introduction course to spiritual cross-training

Learn about your SoulMuscles. Understand the energetic shifts that are needed to develop and build muscle strength. Improve muscle memory to enhance your vibrational health and vitality.  We are all on different journeys. Working within is designed by you for you. These muscles are a starting point to build your own core six pack.


Exercises include letting go of fear, learning to trust your heart and intuition, allow forgiveness and to not only release but resolve the old.

Registation Coming Soon
Footprints on Sand

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are

Past Workshops

Develop Your SoulSixPack


Improve your spiritual fitness and energetic self-care routine by developing your 6-core SoulMuscles™! 

Soul muscles are the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves impacting our energy field or vibration.  Our soul muscles effect how we treat ourselves, talk to ourselves, and nurture ourselves as reflections of our soul shape.


Our energetic body knows when danger is lurking or feels excitement at unwrapping a gift. It can also go numb to avoid negative events or emotions. The soul body needs to exercise and work out these 6-core soul muscles:







In Leslie’s (one of the Souljym's co-founder) healing journey, she discovered that she had 6-core soul muscles that needed work.  The SoulSixPack™ workout tunes you into your energy field to discover  your inner areas to strengthen. This program will lift your vibration and improve your overall energetic wellness.

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Intro to Energetic Self-Care

Learn how to create your personal energetic self-care plan!

Where do you start? How do you choose a modality for your soulful therapy? Go on a self-inquiry journal and energy scan through your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual planes to develop your own self-care regimen.  Learn how to uncover clues to connecting the dots on your dis- or un-ease.  Raise your vibration by focusing in on what within your field needs attention.

Participants will receive an ENERGETIC SELF CARE WORKBOOK to guide you thru the process in discovering your spiritual health needs.



Workshops Under Development

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Flex your Self-Love SoulMuscle™

Does your self-love soulmuscle™ need attention?  This workshop is tailored to strengthen your self-love through a series of exercises.  You will have tools to raise your vibration.

Strengthen your Self-Worth SoulMuscle™

When your self-worth soulmuscle™ needs attention, you will feel stuck, numb, or unable to find passion in your life.  This workshop is tailored to strengthen your self-worth soulmuscle™ with techniques to active and enhance your worthiness.  These tools will leave you feeling hopeful about who you are and where you are going.

Souljym Cooking

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is using your intuitive soulmuscle™.  Learn what foods, herbs and supplements are in energetic alignment with you.  No longer be subject to the latest fads, be empowered to know what works for you and ignore the marketing hype.  You will learn different techniques to energy test food.

Moisturizing Food for Skincare

Improve your skin with ingredients from your own pantry!  Learn 4 different facial cream recipes made from onions, potatoes and other herbs.  Cook your way to radiant skin. 

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