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rethink how we gym

More than a wellness center or a fitness gym, Souljym™ is the first quantum wellness gym integrating your physical and nonphysical health into a complete work out regime.  Quantum wellness is focused on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  At Souljym you can work on your nonphysical thoughts, feelings, and consciousness through meditation, movement, cooking, workshops and in personalized sessions.  

Imagine a new workout regimen that starts from within you to reach beyond mental blocks, physical limitations, emotional trauma, or addressing issues with lack in your life.  The variety of Souljym offerings are designed to maximize development, expansion and nourishment of the soul.  It's time to feel empowered and to live and breathe you.  


The gym has 5 soul-inspired workout zones:  meditate, move, nourish, work and restore. Each zone brings science, spirituality and technology information together to enhance the soul shape workout.


the workout zones



Whether you are new to meditation or want to take your practice deeper, the MEDITATE ZONE will improve your emotional well-being, brain function and body health. Our studios use the latest technology to amplify what is known in science and ancient wisdom about using sound, color, water, salt, and crystals to enhance the meditation experience.  You can also choose between guided or non-guided meditations, to have your brain waves measured during meditation, or experience levitation with augmented reality technologies.  Your meditation practice won't be the same.

sound meditation experience

The nature of the cosmos is vibration, so we use the latest Acoustic Resonance Technology to create both an auditory and vibratory experience.

The sound resonates through the entire body capturing innate healing power of sound.




In the MOVE ZONE we recognize that the brain is a complex organ and everything we do is either promoting a healthy brain or injuring it. Mind body movement such as yoga can cause changes to the neural circuitry, the neuroplasticity, of the brain. Scientific studies have shown that we can rewire our brain when we unify the body with the conscious mind giving us a sense of self-empowerment and fortitude. The gym  explores movement that connects the body with the conscious mind to feel rejuvenated through traditional dance, somatic mind body movement classes.

traditional movement classes

Commonly known mind and body movement classes such as are Yoga, Tai Chi,QiGong and Pilates are on the schedule



Viewing food as medicine and learning to use the properties of food for healing is growing trend. The NOURISH ZONE is not your traditional cooking and nutrition school.  We focus on building your intuitive muscle to harness the power of food for your overall health.  The hands-on and lecture class schedule will provide you with the latest nutritional information as well as insights from the Medical Medium® materials. Whether you are working on a particular organ, disease, vitamin or mineral deficiency or just want to improve your overall health, the cooking classes within the gym are designed to support members in their healing and well-being. So the next time a doctor says more magnesium in your diet, instead of grabbing a pill supplement, you can learn to cook magnesium-rich recipes in the NOURISH ZONE.


lifestyle changes

Learn to make life-style changes that you are intuitively being called to make as part of your soul work. Breaking old habits can be difficult, these classes can support the bridge from the old you to the new you.




The WORK ZONE is about nurturing the soul in workshops and doing "the work" we have all be told we have to do. This zone works on the aspects of self that leave you unsettled or depleted and dives deeper into your unknown. The workshops will empower you with tools and techniques to allow you to overcome any obstacle. Sample topics include dealing with grief, life transitions, health issues, or spiritual exploration. The offerings will generally fall into three categories: creative expression, mystical arts, and transformation.  

creative expression

Art is both healing and life enhancing. Chose from classes using creative techniques to examine the soul and to breakthrough on emotional issues or create native spiritual tools to enhance manifesting your dreams.



The RESTORE ZONE is working 1:1 with different modalities either on a piece of equipment or with a qualified practitioner, we call soul trainers.  Restore yourself with the healing modalities that have been around for centuries or venture into newly developed ones based on our increase knowledge in biofeld, bioenergy and quantum health science.  Most 1:1 work can expand the soul to get direction, aid in healing old trauma and/or compliment medical treatments.  To help guide where to start working, modalities are grouped into 6 categories: stillness, holistic medicine, expressive arts, energetic/vibrational, bodywork/meridians, and mystical arts.


Stillness modalities are designed to quiet the mind to allow the body to relax and reorganize. In stillness, the body can realign itself to heal from the inside out.  Sessions are designed to release old patterns held in the tissues of the body, our emotions, our minds or in our living spaces.

Examples: craniosacral therapy, space clearing, holographic memory resolution, guided imagery.


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