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The gym for your Soul

We have never been more committed to our mission of promoting both physical and nonphysical (mental, emotional and spiritual) health.  We call it quantum wellness because we support both your physical fitness and nonphysical soulshape™.  We bring science, technology and spirituality together to create a 21st century modern soul gym experience that works holistically on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

We have been holding virtual and in-person events in 2022. We hope that you will join us.

Take a peak inside a Souljym 
When you let love become your superpower,
you open yourself up to a miraculous life
~ Kris Franken
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We went digital! It is now easy to find and book alternative, holistic, biofield, subtle energy, mystical and metaphysical services and experiences on  Those are a lot of words to describe the techniques that are available to support your soulshape™.  We have so many descriptors, because this field is emerging as science is now validating what shamans have known for eons, we have an energy field.  We are just beginning to understand how this energy field impacts our wellness. provides a single access location to easily find and book sessions with a variety of practitioners.  This platform will equip you with the tools and experiences you need on your soulshape journey.  

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wellness starts within, discovery your journey on
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our story

Souljym emerged from a singular notion: "Why isn't there a work-out space for the soul, somewhere you can nourish both your physical and non-physical well-being?" Historically, when seeking to rejuvenate one's mental, emotional, and spiritual state, the options were resorts, retreats, or wellness centers. However, that invigorated feeling often faded shortly upon return, leaving many feeling drained once more. There was an evident need for a 'gym for the soul.'

Taking up the mantle, we embarked on crafting a unique gym tailored for the inner self. Our vision was to design a space that combined the serenity of a spa with the liberty of a conventional gym. We blended cutting-edge quantum science and technology with timeless, esoteric knowledge, bridging the gap between the East and West in the modern age. Our innovative approach transformed conventional fitness spaces into 'soul zones' – areas dedicated to internal growth, helping individuals attain their optimal quantum wellness.

While the pandemic temporarily halted our ambitions for a stand-alone Souljym, we've adapted by hosting pop-up in-person events, corporate team-building sessions, and virtual experiences. Recognizing the challenges in finding specialized quantum wellness offerings, we developed a dedicated marketplace app centered on alternative, holistic, biofield, subtle energy, metaphysical, and mystical services. Thus, officially launched 2.22.2022.  

Learn more about our founder's story here

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