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We have a new look

We are back with a brand new look!  Souljym™ is a growing spiritual fitness company whose mission is to promote both physical and nonphysical (mental, emotional and spiritual) health.  We call it quantum wellness because we support both your physical fitness and nonphysical soulshape™.  We bring science, technology and spirituality together to build a 21st century modern soul gym experience that works holistically on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

and a new jymbag

We are going digital too!  We are launching a new marketplace,   It is now easy to find and book alternative, holistic, biofield, subtle energy, mystical and metaphysical services and experiences.  Those are a lot of words to describe the techniques being used to support your soulshape™.  It has so many descriptors because this field is emerging as science is now validating what shamans have known for eons, we have an energy field.  We are just beginning to understand how this energy field impacts our wellness.  Souljym provides a single access location to easily find and book sessions with these practitioners.  This platform will equip you with the tools you need on your soulshape journey.  Are you ready to look in your jymbag? 

get ready to live and breathe you

We have created multiple avenues to take action on your quantum wellness.  They are at different stages of launch and we are working diligently to bring these products and services to market.

launching September 2020

find and book alternative, holistic, biofield, subtle energy, mystical and metaphysical services and experiences on

raising capital

our flagship product in quantum wellness, a spiritual fitness gym focused on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health

under development - target launch 2021

 a soul-inspired subscription box focused on getting into and maintaining your soul shape

our story

Souljym was created from a simple thought, why isn't there a gym for the soul, a place where one could go to maintain not only their physical fitness but their nonphysical well-being.  In the past, anytime you wanted to refuel your non-physical mental, emotional and spiritual fitness, you had to go to a resort, retreat or wellness center.  Shortly after you returned that the feeling of being refreshed and renewed wore off and then would start feeling depleted.  The call for a soul gym was born.  


We accepted our own challenge to invent a gym that focused on our inner being, our essence.  It had to have the feeling of spa but the freedom of gym.  We wanted to merge the latest in quantum science and technologies with ancient and esoteric wisdom; an east meets west in the 21st century.  We revamped traditional fitness workout zones into 5 soul zones focused on inner work:  meditate, move, nourish, work, restore.  All zones are designed to achieve your quantum wellness soulshape.  You will live and breathe you.

With Covid-19 stalling the dream to build the first souljym, we started developing other opportunities to bring souljym-inspired products to you.  Knowing the difficulty it is to find the different quantum wellness businesses, we decided to build a dedicated marketplace that is focused on the alternative, holistic, biofield, subtle energy, metaphysical and mystical services and experiences.  So was launched in September 2020.  We didn't stop there, we began developing the soulshape subscription box that each month will focus on working out what we call our soul muscles.

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