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Judgment vs. Discernment

I have sat in many lectures from many spiritual teachers about judgment. Most, if not all, teach that judgment dampens or lowers our energy frequencies and talk about the need to suspend judgment of ourselves and others. They all say that this is easier said then done, when we live in a world with war, hunger, and injustice. This past election cycle has been riddled with judgment and injustice. Geez. It was tricky to maneuver through 2020 without judgment, the daily news seemed to provide some nugget for judgment.

I struggle with this topic. How do you not make judgments in your life? Isn't it a judgment when you choose who to spend the rest of your life with someone. Or when you decide on a job that isn't worth your abilities, but you do it for the money. Or when you choose to align with one leader of over another. I would contend that you are judging that partner worthy of your love, the is job beneath you, or leader is better at leading your country/state than the opponent. Judgments, right?

Well....maybe. These teachers through out the word discernment, or maybe even decipher. They say with free will you can choose without deciding if something is good or bad. I would also ponder isn't discerning doing the same thing? Here is the spiritual ninja nuance stuff that sometimes takes me multiple lessons to get it, and I confess this one still gets me.

When teachers use the word judgment to mean we view the world as unjust or good/bad. They say that it "just is." When you discern, you are making a choice without a badge of good or a condemnation of bad. You make the choice based on other factors other than a judgment. You choose based on an emotion or other senses.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine is. I spent many hours on this topic because getting to "just is" seem inhuman in some instances. The struggle is real for many on this topic. There is more to unpack on this topic, but for now let's leave it a food for thought.


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