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The 2nd Day of 2021

This will be a short blog as the rituals for the new year need time to integrate.

The first day of the year for me is a day of reflection. A day to take a breathe and think deeply on the year ahead. It was also the start of a 28-day detox program, so I hit the year focus on losing some weight gained in 2020. I also took time for a New Year's Day welcome ritual. This year was a RASHA session.

The rituals I chose to end 2020 and welcoming 2021 where a lot (see yesterday's post). I had to spend today meditating and integrating all the energies from the previous two days. I released fear, spent time forgiving myself and others, aligning my chakras, finding my balance, and setting intentions. The second day of 2021 was a day to be quiet and to integrate.

I spent the morning meditating and connecting with my super consciousness. I had hoped that it would give me energy, but just the opposite. I ended with a 2-hour nap. The body needed time to replenish and so does the mind. Until tomorrow.

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