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a journey into the energy world and few tips for beginners…

One of the challenges for beginners is that when you start diving into the world of energy and healing, there is so much information, so many resources, it is almost daunting as to where to start. One thing I would advise anyone starting is to start listening to the subtle signs from your body, for instance, if you are reading something that makes you feel light, curious or positive emotion in your heart or gut, you are probably on the right track, or the material is resonating with you. But if the material is making you feel low energy, clamping your throat, clamping your gut, or unpleasantness then it is likely not your source.  In this article, I will discuss the resources that have helped me in my journey and a few tips that may be of help to you.

My Journey I won't call myself an expert in any energy modality, nor would I call myself a novice, as I have spent last few years deep-diving into learning different ways of becoming more consciously aware and connected with the metaphysical world. I think all along I had felt sensitive. I would feel feelings that people are not verbalizing, I would enter a room and feel the lightness or the darkness in that room.  We all have it to a certain degree, Sonia Choquette, a best selling author who has written over thirty-some books says, everyone has a sixth sense, but not everyone is tuning into it. If you are reading this, you might be curious and already had started your journey into this world or maybe you came across this by accident, but there are no accidents in the conscious universe and maybe this is your next link.

As a person grew up in a spiritual world and as a Buddhist, meditations are not something new. However, I never thought I have the patience to meditate because the idea of emptying my mind seems like a futile task to someone like me who has always had ten plus things on their list of things to do.  But in 2014, I was forced into a situation that made me desperate for a solution.  I had failed the California Bar Exam for the second time and it was not about the material as I always been a good student, but always suffered from test anxiety.  I knew my regular de-stressing techniques are not going to cut it, as I was taking the three-day exam offered at the time and my first Bar Exam there was a student who had a seizure that interrupted the whole administration.  I remember it was toward the end of the first day, 15-20 minutes left on the exam clock when someone had a seizure, there was screaming, there were paramedics, police, and firefighters rushing into the convention center where I took the exam.  Proctors telling everyone to keep their focus as the exam clock does not stop for anything. Needless to say, for someone who had some test anxiety, this ramped up my anxiety, and I knew if I am to pass this hurdle I needed something more than just studying.  I sought after a hypnotherapist to help with my test anxiety and met a healer who practiced Reiki and mindfulness. She taught me mindfulness meditations to help me calm my anxiety during testing and I did pass my exam. I didn’t stop with my practices after the test, I started incorporating mindfulness in my everyday activities.  This also leads me to workshops and courses that have allowed me to expand on meditation, mindfulness, and tune-in to my intuition. Some call this connecting with the higher consciousness, matrix, universe, god, or divine spirit.  Here are some energy tools and resources that have helped me along the way.

Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Course I enrolled in this 8-week course from Mind Valley, it was one of the best things I had done for myself.  As I mentioned, you want to connect with materials and sources that connect with you. I first listened to Jeffrey Allen on YouTube and I like his style and how he explained things. He used to be a software engineer before he ventured into the energy world, unlike a lot of other healers/self-development gurus, Jeffrey did not have a book. I really felt drawn to his course and finally invested on it after a special they ran online. It is laid out in a way to follow a week at a time and use the tools throughout the week. The first week he started with a grounding exercise.  If you have never done an energy grounding, here is something you can try.

He teaches several tools for you to use and help you draw your energetic boundaries.  I think this was a great introduction to the energetic world as it helped me set my energetic boundaries and become more comfortable with energy.

Trust Your Vibes – Sonia Choquette I found this book by Sonia Choquette to be a good resource to learn to listen to your intuition.  In the book, she discusses some of the tools to use and she also uses case examples from her clients to demonstrate the lesson.  You can also check for videos from Sonia on YouTube, she has lessons and tips.  I found reading her book helped me to learn how my intuition communicates with me.  If I want to check on a decision to attend an event or go to a place, simple meditation techniques to tune-in and check the energy of the event before deciding. She gave some real-world stories from her clients and how they learned to use their intuition in making business decisions, which in-turned have helped me in my decisions.

Oracle Cards   I have to say this is one of the most fun parts of my venture into the metaphysical world, connecting with different card decks.  I had no idea about these cards until I randomly came across a deck while visiting a shop to buy some crystals. The lady at the store had several decks for customers to play with and I found my reading with this crystal deck to be spot on that I went home and started researching different decks on Amazon.  If you are new to cards, you may want to check out Colette Baron-Reid on her website. I particularly love her Goddess Oracle deck, which was early this year. One of my go-to decks is her Wisdom of the Oracle, I always feel connected with it and get direct relevant advice. I also love the card decks from Kyle Gray, his Angels and Ancestors and Keepers of the Light are very nice positive messages and help you connect with the divine spirit. Using these decks are different from using a Tarot deck and there is plenty of material on the internet as to how to connect and do a reading. Below is one of the practice tips I use routinely.

Conclusion I have enjoyed my healing journey, though at times I had to shed layers and purge limiting beliefs, I have no regrets about starting on this journey.  Growth periods can be hard and painful, just like any birth, but we are here on earth for a reason and these energetic tools help us with your journey and our purpose for being here. I hope my story and these tips help you with your journey.  Also, don't forget to check out other material available on Souljym design to expand your energetic connection with your higher power.

Written by Gayani R Weerasinghe


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