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quesadilla of awesome

You never know when or where inspiration will come from that inspires you to see yourself in a new way.  A new Facebook friend recently posted about meeting Molly Mahoney, at an event called Health Entrepreneur F(x).  As told by my friend, Molly spoke about creating your Quesadilla of Awesome by listing 20 Things You Love About Yourself That Make You Awesome. Now I have never hear of Molly but I can get behind her idea of listing what you what you love about yourself. I was inspired by friend’s Quesadilla. I had only just met her a few weeks prior to this post so this was a great way to learn more about my new friends. With permission, she is allowing me to share what she loves about herself.

  1. I have the best most ideal career for me.

  2. I'm really smart.

  3. My hair is amazing.

  4. My dog is so cool and nice and cuddly.

  5. My boyfriend loves me so much.

  6. My house is really cute.

  7. I get to work from home and my office is really nice.

  8. I never do anything I don't want to do.

  9. I used to suffer from MS & chronic hives and now I don't.

  10. I love how tall I am.

  11. I know how to make really healthy food taste good.

  12. My family is amazing.

  13. I trust myself.

  14. My car is really reliable and pretty.

  15. I feel fulfilled on a daily basis.

  16. Making friends is easy for me.

  17. I feel supported by my community.

  18. I know how to help people heal sustainably.

  19. I watch reality tv on Sundays and it's really fun.

  20. My business is growing and clients thriving.

Her Quesadilla post had me thinking about it for days. I loved that her list felt fun, vulnerable, truthful and authentic.  You can read this list without knowing my friend, I still get a sense of her true essence.  It made me wonder about my own Quesadilla of Awesome.

To create my own Quesadilla, I needed to suspend judgement and self-doubt about creating my list. Would my list be as awesome as my friends?  Could I even come up with 20 awesome things that I love about myself?  Those voices of doubt are sabotage killers after all we are talking about what makes me awesome, not what makes me suck.  Thankfully, it is not a contest on who makes the best Quesadilla.

It can be hard to shine to others what we love about ourselves.  Most of us are humble and to share our awesomeness doesn’t quite feel right.  But at some point, you need to jump in and own what you love about you.  So here it goes, this is what I love about myself:

  1. My curiosity into thinking of things in new ways

  2. The color of my eyes

  3. I am a good sounding board for others

  4. My resiliency - I never give up and always move forward

  5. My home is nautical and feels cozy

  6. My love of quilting and that my quilting room is painted “decisive yellow.”  I enjoy making up my own designs.

  7. My capacity to love - learning how to truly love unconditionally and what it means to forgive

  8. How I can express my feelings and experiences into words.

  9. The positive, uplifting, and supportive friends and family in my life

  10. Because of my business, I get to experience many things that are unexplainable

  11.   My sense of humor and my laugh

  12.   My love of sports – who doesn’t love a good playoff game when the entire season has been worked toward that one moment and everything is on the line

  13.   My luck – I love to win and do it often.  It is fun to savior the moment when your raffle number is called or hitting a jackpot in the casino.

  14.   I do my best thinking in the shower or floating in the pool

  15.   I take risky shots on the golf course, just because it’s fun to see if I can pull of the shot.  Who cares about playing for score.

  16.   My passion for Souljym and the potential for what it can become

  17.   My most fun days are when I say “yes” to the unexpected or unplanned

  18.   My sense of style and my love of clothes and shoes

  19.   My ability to lift others to believe they are capable of so much more

  20.   My creativity is boundless

So that is my list, do you get a sense of who I am?  Coming up with 20 items did take some time, it wasn’t like I could just rattle them off.  I admit, I think it would take less time to list those things we dislike about ourselves.  Our flaws often overshadows those things that make us shine, especially when we are feeling down or a little blue.  Which is how I had been feeling this week, so this exercise got me out my funk.  This was a great exercise to just be with myself and really lean into what I love about me. Being in a funk, it felt uncomfortable to start listing what I love about myself. Once I got started, more thoughts just flowed. I think I make a pretty awesome Quesadilla. I would love it if you would share your Quesadilla of Awesome with us or your friends.

Written by Leslie Bennett


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