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Psychic vs. medium, is there a difference?

When I wasn't familiar with metaphysical lingo, I thought psychic and medium were the same thing. I have since learned they are not. There is a key distinction and it has to deal with their ability to receive messages from your guides, and your animals and loved ones who have passed over. It is said that everyone has some form of psychic ability but not everyone is a medium.

When I started my own journey after the loss of my husband, I was desperate for those messages. I miss him so much and staying here without him was a real struggle in those first few years. I had many medium readings. I had my doubts at first but when they have a messages that there was no way the could know, you had to believe.

When I was ready to reinvent my life story without Billy, I used psychics. I used them to be my vision to see what was possible when I couldn't or wouldn't. The readings I got were beyond what I could envision for myself. I appreciated that they could see grand things when all I felt was despair. It test my self-worth, self-doubt, and self-love in ways I am still unpacking and working through. When you are foggy about making choices, sometimes a psychic can be a tool to navigate through the muck. A psychic sees the potential at the time of reading, its your free will to decide your life.

I encourage people to see psychics and mediums. It easier to find them on as well as the internet such as on Facebook. To chose one, can be done through recommendations of others, through books written, or through using your own intuition. Now that you know the difference, you can have a clear intent. Mediums can be helpful to heal from grief. Both are great to help navigate an uncertain future.

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