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My Salmon spiritual lesson

I started the year on a 28-day diet program. This week the diet is reduced to core foods that restrict the proteins to just 4 fish: rainbow trout, salmon, herring and mackerel. Now, I am not a fish fan and it is not part of my regular diet. But I am focused, because I know that my body deserved a reset. I was willing to give it a go, the program did have an out for this week to substitute legumes for the fish. I am willing to test my fish beliefs because I know that as my vibration has risen my food choices have changed. But fish, yikes.

I have never loved salmon and the last time I took a bite of salmon was over 20 years ago at a banquet dinner. It was awful, I couldn't even fain eating it. My disdain for salmon was born and festered since that day. Never in my life would I ever eat salmon. I mean if the best chef in the world had tried to tell me that salmon is amazing and was willing to cook it for me, I would have passed without even trying it.

Four fish, four choices and not one of them seemed appealing. I knew this was a test of bias and judgment. I hadn't tried 3 of the 4, and had condemned them without tasting them. My fiancé was supportive and knows how to cook fish. He grilled up some delicious looking salmon.

I have to admit, the grilled salmon look appetizing, and if I hadn't known it was salmon, I might have approached the meal with a better attitude. I took a bite and it wasn't that funky tasty fish I had tried ages ago, yet I couldn't fully endorse it. The dislike/hatred wouldn't allow me the enjoyment of salmon. I couldn't allow it, when I took that first bite I was gearing my body up to spit it out before it even landed on my tongue. To relax my taste pallet, I cut it up and hid it in a salad so I could trick myself to eating it. As I was eating my salad, I found that I didn't hate salmon. I didn't want to like it at all, ever. To overcome such personal programming, I thought geez if I hadn't had those thoughts, I could have loved my meal instead of just tolerating it. The fish was good, but even writing this feels a like a personal betrayal.

So here is the lesson that translates to world events. There are things we have judged and biases we have created that are similar to how feel about salmon. When our beliefs gets hardwired that first bite gets judged before it hits your mouth. When it does it can't be tolerated the same way as something that comes without a bias or a judgment.

So it took salmon to illuminate to me the lesson of judgment and how it can impact us when we make changes. There will be a lot of changes coming are way where we have long held judgments. I am going to think of my salmon when I get faced with something that may appear distasteful.

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