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do i really have to meditate?

Almost all spiritual leaders will advise you to meditate, that its essential like breathing oxygen. For years, that idea was akin to when I was a kid and told to eat my broccoli (or just about any other vegetable). Attempts to quiet the mind only allowed me to focus more on my thoughts, solve more problems, or think more thoughts. Corpse pose at the end of yoga class was used get my thoughts organized for the day. I never drifted or tuned out, I just focused my thoughts or day dreamed…. ah day dreaming.

Being in stillness was boring and dreadful. No matter which workshop, teacher or retreat, there was always someone preaching about meditation. Why was I fighting it so hard? I tried guided and not guided with the enthusiasm of a sloth. I would be inspired by all teachers being in balance and having this aura about them. I wanted to be them. However like a whining child I didn’t want to meditate, I just wanted the benefits of meditation. I couldn’t get out of my own way.

Then came Dr. Joe Dispenza and his progressive and advance workshops. He speaks with a fast-pitched logic that spoke to my analytical side and a production that tickled my creative side of the brain. At last, the key, I get it. He shares his years of work in the science of meditation and the power of the mind. The brain waves and heart coherence data alone are fascinating, then hear about the unbelievable healings that occurred in these states. Wow, how is this possible?

When you attend these workshops, you are meditating a lot. I struggled but stuck with it because the science convinced me on the value. He leads powerful meditations. The energy from the group of attendees is measured and shared with the group. I loved hearing the “you’re not going to belief this” stories. When I return from these workshops, I was inspired and have developed a meditative practice.

Falling in love with meditating and knowing the value is a gift. Souljym will have many different powerful meditating experiences that can’t be easily duplicated at home.

My goal with souljym is to inspire those that like me fought it, and for those already in love to go deeper into those meditative states. There is a lot to share regarding these different types of meditations we are developing. Can’t wait, but for now we all must be patient.

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