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The team is busy getting ready for the LA Conscious Life Expo on February 22-25th.  This expo “brings together people, ideas, products and possibility over a jam-packed 4 days to feast the mind and body and deepen your connection to spirit.”  The lectures range from angels to spiritual healing and transformation.  There are a lot of different healing modalities discussed in the exhibit halls and break out rooms.  There are panels on near death experiences, neuroscience and transformation, UFOs, psychic mediumship among others.   Last year they had over 12,000 attendees.

This sounds like the perfect spot to raise awareness for Souljym.  We are on the Friday speaking program.   Our Chief Holistic Officer, Bernadette L. Laster will be speaking on “Fitness of your Intuitive Muscle.”  We also have a booth in the exhibit hall.  Our goals for exhibiting at the expo are simple:  talk to the attendees to get their feedback on the souljym concept, request they like our Facebook page and draw traffic to the website.  We have a great location in the exhibit hall.  We are in a hallway that is between the main hall and the food vendors.  We picked the location because we felt we would get a lot of traffic coming and going.

We are using this opportunity to draw traffic to the website and increase the number of Facebook likes and followers.  This is important because when we go and talk to investors, we can demonstrate that there is an interest and following for our product/services.  While I’m on this topic, please make sure you are following us on Facebook if you are not already.  This is an important optic for others to see that “you are ready to soul jym.”  Your support is greatly appreciated.

To prepare for our first Souljym trade booth, I drew from my previous industry experience.   In my past, there were big budgets and design teams.  However, we are a very small team wanting to make a big impression with a small budget.  We rolled up our sleeves, taught ourselves or were smart with out-sourcing certain tasks.  I personally learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to create our brochure and roll-up banners.  We even created spirit animal message business cards to hand out.

We are also going to be holding a drawing at the expo for expo attendees.  Who wouldn’t want to win a session or treatment?  We are using the drawing to collect emails.  This requires learning about lead capture software, because we don’t want to hand enter all the leads we get at the expo.  At the time of writing this blog, we are about to decide on our choice.  Nothing like waiting for the last minute.  Luckily, these programs are easy to customize.

Lastly, we are finalizing our printing order.  It is nice that there are printers that can do quick turn-arounds and you can compare prices on-line.  The tricky part is how much to order.  It would be horrible to run short, but we also don’t want overprint since we haven’t nailed down our branding.  Our branding story is for another blog as that road has been less than smooth and I don’t want to rant about it just yet.  I’m trying to stay focused.

Also, while at the Expo, I will be on a live stream channel on the Friday at 7 p.m. for 30 minutes.  I will let you know more about it on our Facebook page in the coming days.  This is really an exciting time for us.  We are really looking forward to hearing public feedback beyond our friends, colleagues and families.  We hope that you will venture into the Los Angeles area.  If you do, please stop by and say hello.  Send us good juju too, I need my voice to last.

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