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Scalable versions of Souljym

I was so excited to see Souljym in pictures. This was a concept in my head 2 years ago, a gym for the soul. To see it in pictures gives the idea added life. It was a journey in and of itself to get here.

There were the self-doubts that at my age starting a business was crazy, especially a spiritual one that nobody had tried. It was the fear that if I fail there wouldn't be much professional life left to make up the difference if I use my personal funds. It was the self-worth that I could be something more than what I thought I could be or should be. It was trusting in myself when others advised against this idea or questioned the idea. So to see my idea in pictures made me cry.

I made this video from the pictures to give you an idea of what a souljym could look like. This is the boutique version, a scaled down version of what I truly envision a souljym to be. I hope you like it.

Here is an overview of the program offerings:

My goal now is to go from pictures to a build site. Let's make this woman weep in joy!

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