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Souljym vision in pictures

Yesterday was exciting. I got to see the souljym idea, a concept that I tried explaining to others, in pictures. I hired a design studio to create a prototype rendering of two scales of souljym. An airport version whereby travelers can get 10-20 biofield replenishing services and a 4000 square foot boutique version. My dream has been a flagship scale to really create a space where one is supported in the inward journey.

The design process was relatively easy. I sketched a footprint of what I thought would work in a 1500 square foot airport location. Then, I gave the renderer a list of all the equipment, the size, the dimension and a link to the website for pictures. I was also asked to create a vision board on Pinterest. This was fun and tricky because I had many ideas of what souljym could look like, so my vision board was all over the place. I didn't know how the rendering team was going to interpret the design brief. A few conference calls and yesterday I got the draft of both designs.

Here is a sneak peak of the airport model, I know you want to see it.

Here is a peak inside

This model is suitable not only for airports and convention cents, but I see it in wellness living communities. This model is mostly equipment based solutions to reconnect to your energy field while traveling.

It is really a cool thing when someone takes an idea from your head and interprets it back to you. Not only do they do that, but they do it in a way that takes it beyond what you could have imagined.

Now when I do my meditations, I can use these renderings and imagine it being open. One step closer to manifesting my dream into a reality. This is my heart in pictures, I hope that you like it too. I will show the boutique version tomorrow.

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