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which clair are you?


A lot of people confuse the the terms “psychic” and “medium” as are often used interchangeably; however, there is a distinction. The word psychic comes from the Greek language, meaning “the soul”, and refers to the act of receiving messages from your soul, your intuition, your higher self, God, or whatever you want to call that higher consciousness. We’ve all had some kind of psychic experiences however we discount these messages as random or coincidence. For example, we knew who was calling before we picked up the phone, or felt the urge to touch base with someone we love only to find out they were just in a car accident, were sick or just needed to hear a friendly voice.

Mediumship, however, is an extension and refinement of psychic abilities. While all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. That’s because mediums have been able to heighten their psychic abilities in order to interface not only with their souls, but with spirit and higher beings who are not currently in human form. The word “medium” comes from the actual process of spirit communication. Because spirit vibrates at a much higher and faster frequency than humans, accessing spirit requires the medium to raise their energy, while spirit must lower theirs - essentially meeting in the middle - to facilitate messaging. Simplified, mediumship is an ability to bridge this energetic gap.

We can all cultivate our psychic gifts by getting quiet for a little while every day, whether it’s through journaling, meditation, being in nature, yoga or breath work. Because our soul thoughts are more subtle and quiet than our regular thoughts - they come in almost like a whisper - anything  we do that can help calm the very loud, hamster-wheel mind of swirling thoughts we experience all day long will help us access our higher selves. It just takes a little consistent attention. Spirits and other nonphysical beings have a variety of ways to exchange information with mediums, including emotions, thoughts, images, symbols, sounds, music, smells, tastes, and sensations. Mediums must then interpret these communications, typically by using more than one of their “psychic senses”, in a way that allows them to provide useful information. We at Souljym affectionately call these varying senses that are fine-tuned to receive spirit messages “the clairs” as each one derives from the french root word “clair”, meaning “clear”.

Clairaudience or Clear Hearing Clairaudience means that a medium hears words, names, and phrases, as well as specific sounds or music, from spirit. Sometimes the voice sounds like the medium’s voice and at others, it can sound like the voice of the spirit that is coming through. Trickier still, sounds and music can have either literal or symbolic meaning. In the movie “The Shining”, music from a piano or laughter and clinking glasses in the bar are examples of clairaudience.

Clairvoyance or Clear Seeing This is the form of communication that most people attribute to mediums, and it’s what most of us refer to as ESP. This is the form of communication that comes in the form of “seeing” past or future events in the mind’s eye. Clairvoyants perceive energy in the form of colors, pictures, images, symbols, light and movement. Often other psychic abilities are used in conjunction with clairvoyance in order to get at the real meaning of the message. For example, a medium might receive a picture of a woman with her hands around her throat. In this case, does this mean she is referring to a necklace, that she was murdered by strangulation, that she can’t speak, or she has throat cancer? So using claircognizance or clairsentience, in addition to clairvoyance, can provide needed clarification.

Claircognizance or Clair Knowing Claircognizant messages come to the medium in the form of a thought that is often described as feeling “like a light bulb” - quick, bright and clear. In other words, these thoughts appear suddenly in the medium’s mind and feel different than their typical thoughts. In truth, many of us are claircognizant in terms of our own intuition; we just aren’t skilled enough yet in the ability to differentiate these higher thoughts from our own. We can easily dismiss these bright thoughts that offer a deeper wisdom and truth because they can seem strange or unrealistic. But with practice, we can develop our ability to tune into this valuable knowing on a regular basis.

Here’s an exercise that you can use to develop your claircognizance. Take a journal or piece of paper and write a question with your dominant hand - a question pertaining to your own life that you would love to receive more information about. Then switch the pen to your non-dominant hand and begin writing the thoughts that appear. You may be amazed at the extraordinarily wise, simple and direct language of your higher self that comes to you when you use this technique.

Clairsentience or Clear Feeling This is the ability to be very in-tune with the energy of beings and places - either past, present or future. These energetic messages come from a place that is outside of our five senses. This is often referred to as getting a “gut feeling” - in other words, you “just know” something without having any solid information from your current environment. Clairsentients can pick up on the energy of people, buildings, outside spaces, plants, insects, and animals and can sense the presence of spirits around them. Many mediums use clairsentience in addition to their other psychic abilities because it helps them better understand the images, symbols, sounds, tastes and smells that may be coming to them from spirit.

If you’ve ever walked into someone’s house or met a new person and felt your mood change instantly, or you knew you should take your child to the doctor even though they were acting relatively normally, you are experiencing this form of psychic ability. While it’s easier for most of us to connect with our clairsentience when we are with the people and pets that we love, with practice we can develop our abilities to feel into people, places, plants, animals, and other living beings that are outside of our everyday lives.

Clairgustance/Clairolfaction or Clear Taste/Clear Smelling These two often-connected psychic abilities are the most uncommon and least talked about. People who are clairgustance are able to detect tastes without putting anything into their mouths. This includes different types of substances as well as foods and beverages. It seems like kind of a throwaway skill, but it can have its benefits. For example, psychics who work with criminal investigators can sense whether a victim died by ingesting specific drugs. In other cases, clairgustance can clue in a medium that someone is suffering from a physical illness or imbalance, such as tasting orange juice when a person is low in vitamin C. Often, mediums who receive messages through taste receive an accompanying olfactory sensation, as well. If you’ve ever worked with a medium who told you about your grandmother’s spectacular cinnamon rolls, that medium was likely sensing, at least in part, through clairgustance and/or clairolfaction. All of this information on” the clairs” is meant to encourage you to get quiet, even for a few minutes each day, and pay attention to what comes into your awareness as your thoughts settle down.

  • Do you hear a voice that seems different than your own giving you information?

  • Do you just know something is true, and can you feel that truth in your gut?

  • Do you sense that someone needs you and have the urge to pick up the phone?

  • Do you feel energy shifts in certain places in your home?

  • When you journal, can you tap into wisdom that seems to come from your higher self?

With a regular practice of stopping those mostly-useless monkey-mind thoughts, you can open yourself up to a whole new world of information, and maybe, just maybe, you can go from a non-communicator, to psychic, to medium.

Written by Julie Trager



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