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blending science, technology, and spirituality

One of the important aspects of souljym is including the emerging science, the latest technology and centuries of spiritual knowledge. Faith, belief, and trust can be tricky if you need data or a visualization tool to obtain validation for your beliefs or establish a new belief. For me, some aspects of the soul work needed to be validated through experience or data while others I could just accept.

On my journey, I sat in some of these workshops with my left and right brain just not getting along. I would call myself a magical skeptic. Part of me said, “yeah right, someone waving hands in front of body is healing” while the other part believed (wanted to believe) that it could be possible.

When my skeptic side is more dominant, I need to have something tangible to change it. For example, my inner skeptic released her disbelief when a healer allowed me to put my hand in front of his to feel the energy. Well, let me tell you, that healer can move energy! It felt like I got zapped from an electrical outlet. I never expected to feel it so strongly and powerfully. Just goes to show you that some of us need that hands-on experience to change our own belief.

When the magical side of the magical skeptic is more dominant, I ask why it isn’t possible. Instead of disbelieving, allowing what may be judged as impossible (or unbelievable) to be possible. Allowing what could be possible has allowed these skeptical experiences to be extraordinary. The skeptic side can magically be swayed to accept…sometimes.

For years, Dr. Bruce Lipton and others have been teaching on the Biology of Belief. He didn’t become a believer until he did the experiments. Since some of us need tools to get past our skepticism, the jym will provide opportunities to create your own belief experiments using scientific measurements. For example, we intend to include EEGs to measure your brain waves during meditation. By tracking it over time you can witness your brain activity and enhance your level of belief that you have achieved altered states of consciousness during meditation.

The technology tools may not be for everyone if they have judged technology as harmful. For some, it could be a powerful tool in healing especially if you are a visual learner. The use of augmented reality to visualize your body making healthy cells to combat your disease can aid your belief that you are healing. If you can see it, it must be so. Some people learning through demonstration. When monks teach new monks to levitate, they do so through demonstration in order to believe that can do something which may not be believable.

In future posts, we will get more specific about what will be included in souljym. We are still in development and can’t wait to share more.

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