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why the j in souljym?

Why is souljym spelled with a j instead of a g? To distinguish it from a physical fitness gym, which focuses mainly on the body. A soul "jym" focuses on the fitness of the soul.

The idea for the soul gym is based on a big-box fitness gym. When you enter these gyms, you direct your own fitness. Do you choose cardio, weights, classes, or one-on-one training? The option to choose how you improve or maintain your physical fitness can be based on activities you enjoy or addressing a physical need or desire.

The ability to self-direct what feels good can also occur in a souljym. You can choose activities to get your soul into shape or to maintain the shape you are in. Just like a physical fitness gym, a souljym provides different activities that focus on different aspects of your soul fitness or spiritual healing.

The idea of soul shape or spiritual fitness is not necessarily a new idea, but it has evolved as we have evolved in our understanding of consciousness. Many spiritual teachers and philosophers have become mainstream, and they’ve been advocating different aspects of spiritual fitness for decades. One may teach forgiveness, another advises to follow your bliss, and another explains about releasing fear or finding balance. These are all elements of your being in soul shape. Like a fitness gym—where you may work on cardio, legs, arms, stomach—at a souljym, you can work on elements of love, worthiness, forgiveness, balance, intuition, and more.

The best part is that now you can work on all those aspects in one place. That is the vision: a daily gym for soul work. But what I think is super cool is that we have taken the science of consciousness energy, combined it with the latest in technology, and added it to the foundation of centuries of spiritual teachings. No matter what your level of belief or your religious upbringing (or lack of), there will be experiences to help explain, validate, train, and understand your soul fitness.

Now you know why the j instead of the g. Would the story have been more interesting if I said the j stood for jadoo, an old 19th-century word for magic or conjuring derived from jadu, the Hindi word for enchantment? I believe you will experience what feels like magic in this souljym, so maybe I will change the story and say the j stands for jadoo. I am conjuring the souljym to be open soon.

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